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Joining the financial sector after submitting your thesis: A guide for Young Professionals


Congratulations on completing your Master’s degree and submitting your thesis this summer. This probably feels like a relief, but for many, the next challenge is already knocking at the door: choosing a suitable job. That’s why we create some tips to help you kickstart your professional career!

Explore job opportunities

Research job boards, industry websites, and specialized recruitment bureaus like Young Financials. Look for roles that match your expertise and interests. The recruitment agencies have the right experience and knowledge to guide you through job searching. 

Customize your applications

Write your CV and cover letter in a way that highlights your academic achievements, relevant work experience and courses and, for example, thesis work. Demonstrate your financial skills and teamwork abilities. Not sure where to start? Young Financials supports you in the process of optimizing your resume for the job that suits you! 

Be proactive and persistent

Take initiative in reaching out to companies and attending networking events. Stay informed with the latest trends and vacancies in the financial sector and don’t be discouraged by rejections; learn from each experience. 

Let Young Financials help you!

As you enter this exciting phase of your career, remember to explore job opportunities, customize your applications and be proactive and persistent. With these tips in mind, Master graduates can take the right steps to start their career in the financial sector. Young Financials is here to support you with diverse job openings, personalized guidance, and industry insights. 

Do you want professional and personal help to see what your next best steps are? Apply here or look at our vacancies page for more information! 

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