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Meet our Young Professional Mohamed!


In 2018, Mohamed started his bachelor program in Economics and Business Economics at the University of Amsterdam. In 2021, he graduated cum laude with a specialization in Finance. Afterwards, he started an internship at a major international bank in The Netherlands. Right now, Mohamed is working at another major international bank in the investment industry, where he is a Junior Data Consultant. Mohamed enjoys his work a lot and ensures to perform at the highest level possible in his sport, football. In this blog, he shares his experience as a young professional and talks about the start of his finance career in Amsterdam.


How did you experience your path to your current job with us?

“I first heard about Young Financials through colleagues from my previous internship and was strongly advised to contact them. Young Financials have shown supportiveness, professionalism, and smoothness from the moment I got in touch with them. At the beginning, we had calls and meetings to introduce myself and discuss my career interests and desires. They explained to me how the process within Young Financials works and what to expect from them. The process indeed went as planned and I was surprised with how quickly everything was completed. In just a short amount of time, I was offered a decent position at a major international bank and all the work residence permit procedures were arranged. I have actually started recommending Young Financials to friends and former university colleagues due to my experience with them so far. I am grateful to have already learned a lot in my current job and to have friendly colleagues in my team. I’m looking forward to learn more and more and to make the most out of this opportunity.”


What are your main responsibilities?

“One of my main responsibilities at the data management department is to always ensure the validity, accurateness, and completeness of our data. We receive numerous data files on a daily basis and we perform portfolio valuations for our clients such as insurance companies, pension funds, and investment funds. In addition, we have daily communications with the other international branches of the bank to ensure our processes are completed smoothly and efficiently. These are my main responsibilities for now, but there is much more to learn. This is just a glimpse.”


Did you encounter some challenges along the way?

“Yes, I am always encountering challenges, especially when I moved to Amsterdam. I was eager to do very well at university, and at the same time, play football at the highest level possible. I used to sleep very late during my studies to maintain the balance between education and football. Fortunately, I feel maintaining the balance has got better, with now between work and football. I try my best to manage my time wisely and to always give my 100% to achieve my goals.”


Do you think you can develop yourself not only professionally, but also personally at work?

“Definitely, meeting new people every day is already adding to my personal experience. Having to communicate and interact with various personalities and backgrounds is a crucial aspect to develop. More specifically, you get to learn how others view situations from a different perspective, which increases your innovativeness and creativity.”


Do you have any advice for other Young Professionals who are starting their career?

“I would say to give their 100% every day as much as they possibly can and to dream big. With hard work and dedication, nothing is impossible. Never be afraid to take any step that will help you reach your goals. For example, never be afraid to ask questions to your colleagues at work, which will help you understand the tasks better and faster. And don’t forget, what you believe, you can achieve!”

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