Vacatures Junior Investment Professional

Our portfolio is diversified. Besides regular stocks and bonds, we also invest in derivatives, private equity, currencies and real estate. Increasingly permanent signatures. The result is rapid acquisition of knowledge of institutional asset management, including investment instruments and processes. Apply now or take a look at our vacancies page

Junior Investment Professional

Vacancies Junior Investment Professional

The work of a Junior Investment Professional

As a Junior Investment Professional, you will work with a team of financial professionals and analyze the performance of investment funds. You will make complex performance calculations for institutional investors with portfolio managers and risk analysts.

Junior Business IT Consultant

What will my Junior Investment Professional salary be?

The salary of a Junior Investment Professional varies between €3,200 and €3,500 and differs by position and company.

Get started as a Junior Investment Professional with our Finance Traineeship

Are you interested in the Junior Investment Professional position, but not yet sure which direction you want to take and what career opportunities are available? Would you also like the opportunity to work and learn at the same time? Then take a look at our Finance Traineeship. There are many possibilities; you can follow our Finance Traineeship to become a Junior Investment Professional, but we also have other directions such as Junior Business Analyst and Junior Finance Professional. 

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