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Looking for young talent? Then you have come to the right place. As a recruitment agency, we have been connecting national and international financial talent with positions at the top of the Dutch financial sector for 17 years. We believe in the power of young talent and innovation. Young Financials ensures the start of a booming career and employees who fit your organization.
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What can you expect from our finance professionals?

Young Financials  features an exclusive pool of highly skilled data professionals. The candidates all have a Bachelor/Master’s degree in finance, data or economics and are communicative, eager to learn and entrepreneurial.

As a recruitment agency, we determine together with the candidate and with you as a client which position suits the candidate and guide them through the entire application process. In this way, we try to ensure a perfect match between candidate and client.

In case the candidate is not quite sure what exactly he/she is looking for in a job, we also offer a Finance Traineeship. Feel free to check out our traineeship page for more information!

Young Financials

Why do companies choose Young Financials?

We are your partner in Young Finance & Data professionals. We connect you with Young Professionals and ensure a suitable match. We reach the right candidates at the right time through innovative recruitment and marketing techniques, we know where the candidates are in the labour market and we work transparently and on a “No Cure, No Pay” basis.

For which finance functions does Young Financials recruit?

Young Financials operates within the following areas: Finance, Risk, Financial Markets, Regulatory Reporting, Operations, Investment, Asset Management, Compliance – KYC, CDD, Banking, ESG and Data Analytics. Think of  positions such as Junior Financials Analyst, Junior Investment Professional, Junior Business Analyst, Junior Finance & Risk Professional, International Auditor, among others, but there are of course many more positions available. Feel free to take a look at our vacancies page!

The Netherlands Guide for Young Professionals
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Read about the experiences of our finance professionals

Our Young Professionals get to work for the best employers and are given all the tools they need to get off in the right way. Think about professional education and training opportunities, intensive job application training and an in-house coach for your own personal development! Examples training courses: CFA, Python, FRM or Lean. Read the stories of the Young Professionals and their experiences here.



A recruitment agency hires (young) professionals to be subsequently matched on an assignment with a client. The recruited employee is offered a temporary or permanent employment contract through the recruitment agency and is therefore on the recruitment agency's payroll. By using a recruitment agency, organizations are able to (temporarily) scale up capacity with immediately deployable and productive staff. Possibly, during the secondment assignment, training and education are offered to the candidate to continue developing on job-relevant topics.

The advantage of choosing recruitment is flexibility, highly skilled staff and no employer risk.


Is your organization facing a peak or busy period? Then recruitment allows you to hire highly skilled staff flexibly and quickly. This gives you the opportunity to flexibly scale up and down staff, without being tied to long-term contracts.


Highly skilled staff
A recruitment agency matches specifically to a concrete assignment or vacancy from a client. A major advantage of recruitment is that you can get suitable, highly educated talent quickly and easily. A recruitment agency takes this recruitment process out of your hands and saves an organization a lot of time and effort.


No employer risk
Clients face less risk when hiring candidates through a recruitment agency. Because a recruitment agency is usually the employer, the employer risks lie with the recruitment agency, such as sick payroll deductions, severance pay and the payment of contributions and taxes.


The recruitment agency is responsible for the salary on recruitment.

Similar to temping, recruitment allows you to have flexible staff. Also in this situation, a recruitment agency acts as the employer and a recruitment agency manages the administration. However, recruitment offers more protection and security for both the organization and the employee. Unlike recruitment, where agreements on the duration of the contract are made in advance, temping involves a very flexible working relationship. Moreover, the recruitment contract expires on the predetermined date and the contract does not end when the assignment is terminated as in the case of temping.

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