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At Young Financials you will find challenging Junior Finance positions for highly educated young professionals. We have multiple positions as Junior Investments Professional, Junior Business Analyst and International Auditor. As a starting finance professional, you’ve come to the right place and we will connect you with a position that matches your interests and ambitions. Check out our Junior finance vacancies! 

You can easily apply by leaving your name and CV at a specific vacancy. Is your dream job not listed? Even then, we are happy to help you! Click below on ‘Learn how we help you’, sign up by applying openly or feel free to contact us!

Our Junior Finance Jobs

Finance vacancies

Junior Finance Jobs

Especially as a starter, you can rely on us. We offer challenging and instructive Junior Finance vacancies for starters in the financial sector. Our vacancies are mainly focused on finance, risk and investments. Vacancies are of a high level and more than 90 per cent are filled by candidates with a university background. It is equally important that you have good communication skills and are able to get things done in very complex working environments with many different professionals. For 19 years we have been connecting national and international financial talent with positions at the top of the Dutch financial sector.

Finance vacancies

Junior Investment Professional

As a Junior Investment Professional you will work in a team of finance professionals making analyses of the performance of investment funds. Together with Portfolio Managers and Risk Analysts you will provide complex performance calculations for institutional investors. The portfolios are diversified. In addition to regular shares and bonds, we also invest in derivatives, private equity, currencies and real estate. More and more often with a sustainable signature. This means that you will quickly acquire knowledge of institutional asset management, including investment instruments and processes. 

Finance vacancies

Junior Business Analyst

As Junior Business Analyst, you are the linking pin between developers and business. You are a go-getter who quickly oversees and analyses complex processes and you have an eye for innovation and process optimization. In addition, you have excellent communication and project management skills. Finally, you are enthusiastic about stakeholder management. 

International Audit

International Auditor

You will be working for a Big Four Audit company as a Senior, Supervisor or Assistant Manager and with a “fast growth track” to higher job levels. We offer job opportunities in Financial Services (Banking, Insurance and Investment Management) and different business lines (Technology – Telecom – Media – Entertainment – Industry – Retail). As an International Auditor you will be involved in exciting projects and assignments. You will work in professional and international teams with renowned clients of the firm. You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from highly professional colleagues. You will have a diverse work environment: at the office, with the client and from home. Also, you will have the opportunity to combine audit- and advisory assignments.

Finance vacatures

Junior Finance Professional

As a Junior Finance Professional, you generally have a university background in (quantitative) finance, risk, economics or similar. You will be assigned to positions at the top of the financial sector and in the area of finance, risk and investments. You will operate in complex administrative and organizational environments, in which IT and data are emphatically present. Successful Junior Finance Professionals are not only skilled in their field, but are also communicative, proactive, fast learners, analytical and able to cope with stakeholder management.

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