Young Professional Ricardo

Meet our Young Professional Ricardo!


In mid-October last year, Young Professional Ricardo decided to move from Spain to the Netherlands to start a new job at one of the largest banks in the country through Young Financials. Ricardo is half Venezuelan and half German, and grew up in Venezuela. He then moved to Spain, where he finished his Bachelor’s in Economics and Master’s in Banking and Financial Regulation at the University of Navarra. Through the university, he also got his internship. In his current job, he actively contributes to the team’s Agile micro-projects, and assists with business-as-usual tasks, while developing extensive knowledge within his department. Ricardo is a very sociable person, who loves to spend his free time with his friends, working out, and going out. Besides this, he enjoys the Netherlands, is happy to be here, and is grateful for the opportunities. Curious to learn more about Ricardo’s journey to becoming a Young Professional? Keep reading below!


Regarding your recent transition to the Netherlands, how did you find the relocation experience? And how did you experience your path to your current job with us?

Despite the initial rainy welcome, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Netherlands. I appreciate that Dutch people are very open. The decision to work in the Netherlands was primarily driven by the available opportunities and the scarcity of them in other countries. I initially considered a position in Spain but eventually applied in the Netherlands through Young Financials, which contacted me through LinkedIn. The recruitment process took place over the course of a week. I was contacted on a Friday and had interviews on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The final interview at the bank took place on Thursday, and I received a job offer the following day. Within a week, my life took a 180-degree turn.


And how are you experiencing your new job here?

Because I am a new joiner, everything is new. I think I got very lucky with my team. Everyone is open to helping me and getting to know me. I would say, in the bank as a whole, but particularly in my team, we are very international and culturally diverse. We collaborate with India, both onsite and offshore, and have team members working from India, South Africa, Portugal, and Spain. I enjoy it a lot. My new job is certainly challenging, but that is good. I prefer my job to be challenging, new, and fast-paced. With the amount of diverse information and the Agile work method in my current role, everything is dynamic and in constant motion.


What are some challenges you’ve encountered in your job?

Within the bank, and particularly in my department, there is a lot of knowledge on the table. As a newcomer, my current role involves absorbing and processing new information. As part of an Agile work environment, I contribute to various tasks, responsibilities, and technical matters. Although I have prior experience with regulations from my specialization in Spain, the practical implementation presents unique challenges. The difficulty lies in maintaining a balance between functional and practical aspects, while continuously learning and adapting to the dynamic nature of the role.


How did you experience your Bachelor’s and Master’s? And how did you experience the University of Navarra in Pamplona and Madrid?

I had the best time of my life in Pamplona. It’s a very student-friendly city with a vibrant nightlife and good food. I went to the University of Navarra, a large university in Spain with three campuses. The one in Pamplona is mainly for Economics and Medicine. The educational quality was outstanding, making Navarra the ideal choice for me.

Transitioning to Madrid for my Master’s marked a significant shift, moving from the joys of student life to a more senior stance, as I became a Young Professional looking for a job. The university facilitated connections with employers, giving me and other students opportunities to work after completing our degrees. That’s how most of the other students and I got our internship. Although you still have to apply yourself, the university allows you to put one foot in the door.


Did you always know you wanted to do something in Finance?

Yes, a career in the financial sector was a predetermined goal for me. Starting with a double degree in Law and Economics during my undergrad, I later specialized in Banking Regulations during my Master’s. From the moment I graduated, I knew I was going to enter the financial sector; I just was not sure which specific area I was going to pursue. I found banking to be very interesting, as it is one of the oldest businesses there is, while still being very dynamic. Also, with the emergence of online banking and various new business models, sustaining the banking system as a traditional institutional entity has become increasingly challenging. So, I knew there was room for change and opportunities for growth in the financial sector, which is something that drew me in.


Do you have any advice for Young Professionals who, like you a few months ago, are at the beginning of their professional careers? Especially for those who are considering moving abroad to pursue a career in the financial sector?”

The advice I would give to Young Professionals is that everything is up to you. It is not like you are magically going to receive a job offer. Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you – apply, network, and be persistent. Develop a habit of consistently seeking out opportunities and make sure to demonstrate that you are open to change. It is not just about having an impressive resume or having connections, you have to proactively reach out and communicate with recruiters. Employers value candidates who are proactive, adaptable, and willing to step out of their comfort zone. They are looking for Young Professionals who are open to change, eager to learn, and willing to embrace discomfort from time to time.


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